How does a Kino Kabaret actually work?

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In the beginning of each session all the participants get together for a production meeting at the Kinolab which is the base of the workshop. There we will introduce ourselves and anyone with an idea for a short film can present it. After each director has shared their ideas and needs (eg. “I’d need two actresses, an apartment and an editor with a computer”), we divide into self organised working groups. We start making the films by helping each other and at the end of the session, usually 48-72 hours later, we screen the fresh short films to the local audience and end the session with a drink and some music before it starts all over again the next day!

What’s important to add: Everything is possible within the short time frame! Here are some examples: you can have a great  idea but do not want to be the “director” — you can be an author film maker and want to do everything by yourself — you can be a musician, play your music to the other participants at the production meeting  and propose a music video — you could have a ready script and want to realize it —  you have a rough idea and want to develop it together with others — you have a beautiful  puppet and wish to animate it — you are an actress/actor and want to act in front of camera, or there is this charactre you always wanted to play — 

Note for accomodation: People who don’t live in Leipzig are very welcome to take part- the production group from Kino Datsche e.V. will organize sleeping places for you at the homes of local participants, which is for free. Just remember to bring your sleeping bag and a little something for your host. If you prefer to sleep in a hostel or hotel we can help you find the best option, just contact us directly via email or note your wishes on the registration sheet.

What to bring:  Being prepared can give the projects a lot of quality ( bringing scripts, storyboards, costumes or props along for example) but nothing is a must. If you are a DOP or sound engineer for example, bringing your own equipment is great — please do think of insuring it before. We have a safe room for equipment where you can lock your things, but we won’t have an extra equipment insurance for the event.

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