Short History of Kino

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The kino movement had its moment of origin in 1999 in Montréal. Today, it has grown into a worldwide network of enthusiasts. “Do well with nothing, do better with little, but do it right now!” is the motto under which every year countless Kino Kabarets happen all over the world. In Leipzig, they are hosted by Kino Datsche e.V. since 2014 and are known as Kino Datsche. Nowadays there are over 75 “kino cells” worldwide, and Kino Datsche is one of them. Each cell has developped on their own, organizing Kino Kabarets as well as other film related events. Nowadays we have become a confusingly huge network, but still related in spirit of “kino”. You can find the other cells and a Kino calendar here

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